Massimiliano Pini was born in Pavia on January the 12th, 1971.

After a diploma in "Teoria, Solfeggio e Dettato Musicale" on August the 12th, 1988 at the state conservatory "A. Vivaldi" in Alessandria with points 7,40/10 and a Maturitá Scientifica certificate in 1989, with points 60/60, at the Liceo Scientifico "N. Copernico" in Pavia, he took a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Pavia on March the 23rd, 1995 with points 106/110, defending a thesis entitled "Interactive Computation of Complex Data Structures".

This work presents a number of extensions to the PACCO environment aiming at user monitoring of and interaction with highly complex data structures together with a further goal of providing tools and resources for image processing teaching.

After graduating he carried out research activity at the Computer Vision Laboratory of the Computer and Systems Engineering Department of the University of Pavia.

Starting from the academic year 1994/95 he is holding the lectures for the course of "Theory and Technique of image processing" and, starting from the academic year 1995/96, for the course of "Computer Programming".

He worked as Contract Researcher, sponsored by Hewlett Packard, during 1995 and now he is member of the Hewlett Packard Image Systems Engineering (ISE) team, an initiative to support the diffusion and teaching of image processing. From 1995 he is member of the italian chapter of the IAPR.

From April the 28th 1997 until February the 28th 1998 he served in the army at the Pavia city hall where he organized the web server and the Internet link.

From 1998 he is teaching at the European School of Advanced Studies in Media Science & Technology.

On April the 23rd, 1999 he took a Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering developing a network based, coarse grain system for distributed image processing and defending a thesis entitled "A Cooperative and Distributed Model for Data Analysis". From May 1999 to August 2001 he worked as network consultant for the Pavia city hall.

From Summer 2001 to 2009 was a PR for Le Rotonde disco in garlasco - Pavia.

From September 2001 is working as system administrator and server manager at the Computer Science Center of the University of Pavia

Starting from September 2014 is contract teacher for the course of "Digital Media" at CIM Faculty of Univeristy of Pavia.

From October 2021 is working as cybersecurity manager at the Computer Science Center of the University of Pavia


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